Voice Culture
Beginner’s Level

This course makes a student understand ‘Valuing the Voice’. Upgrading voice for stage is the primary objective of this course by improving breathing capacity in singing, standing notes, voice modulation, understanding lyrics and diction, giving body to the voice, singing in tempo, introduction to the rhythm patterns and time signatures, learning to listen actively, understanding the approach of a song (feel & dynamics), improving overall singing quality with reference to Mohammed Rafi songs.

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6+ years of age
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Batch Size
5-6 students per batch
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3 months (24 sessions)
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₹ 15,000

Course Details

  • Breathing Exercise
  • Standing Notes
  • Recognizing notes correctly
  • Exercises to sing on tempo
  • Exercises to improve diction
  • Learning easy alankaars / set of notes
  • Learning to sing alankaars with correct timing and tempo
  • Active listening sessions
  • Practice sessions
  • Tips on keeping the voice and vocal cords healthy
  • Tips on live singing
  • Introduction to the different genres of music