The Mohammed Rafi Musical Institute

Musical heritage of the Legend upheld gloriously
  • About MRMI

    The Late Mohammed Rafi Sahab is a name etched with the golden ink in the musical history of Indian cinema. Mohammed Rafi Musical Institute is a personification of the reminiscence of the celebrated playback singer.
    Today, the baton of the luminescent impressions of the eminent singer are upheld by the third generation and Mohammed Rafi Sahab’s footprints are ready to pave the way for millions of aspirants.

Inspiration and creativity.


A Story Untold…

The story behind the ideation of MRMI might have been born out of determination to pay the truest homage to the unparalleled magnificence of Late Mohammed Rafi Sahab, but the story has much more to it as… yet to be revealed.

MRMI through its venerable trainers, wholesome courses, astounding projects for students, and an unbeatable zeal blended with humbleness under the mentorship of Fuzail Rafi is right here to bridge the invisible gulf between music and knowledge, playback and performance; and, artist and stardom.

MRMI is always open for everyone

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