(Mohammed Rafi songs)
Beginner’s Level

This course is for understanding genre, voice texture, song selection, lyrics and working diction. The syllabus will include only Rafi Sahab’s songs. Understanding the approach of the song will include genre, feel, dynamics, modulation and expressions; simplifying the song by breaking it into small details, making it easier for
students to learn.

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8+ years of age
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Batch Size
5-6 students per batch
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3 months (24 sessions)
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₹ 15,000

Course Details

  • Understanding students genre and voice texture
  • Learning basic alankaars and voice exercises
  • Selecting 3 songs (easy songs), eg. Pukarta chala hoon main, Tujhe suraj kahu ya chanda, Mai zindagi ka saath
  • Understanding the lyrics and the basic structure of all 3 songs
  • Knowing about the history and making of the song (small interesting stories can be shared of Rafi sahib,        composer, lyricist, film producer, director etc.)
  • This will make the learning more interesting, involving and experiential
  • Learning to sing all 3 songs with perfection
  • Understanding the modulations in the song
  • Understanding the expressions and dynamics